The Premier Su Tseng-chang, the National Development Council Minister Kung Ming-hsin, the Financial    Supervisory Comission Chaireperson Huang Tien-mu, the TPEx Chairman Philip Chen and the TWSE Chairman Hsu Jan-yau took a photo at the ceremony.

• TPEx Has Joined ICMA Full Membership
• Corporate Governance Winners 2020
• TPEx will Host Webinars: Sustainability
   through ESG
• TPEx Held the Opening Ceremony for the
   Pioneer Stock Board

• Leverage Transaction Merchants Permitted
   Trading Foreign Equity Related CFDs and
   Silver CFDs with Retail Investors
• In order to make market participants
   aware of the risk of day trading, TPEx has
   amended two rules
• Interview with Martin Scheck, Chief
   Executive, ICMA
• New TPEx Mainboard Member
• New Emerging Stock Board Member
• New Pioneer Stock Board Member
• New Go Incubation Board Member
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• Bond Market
• Derivatives
• Stock Market
• Bond Market

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