Taipei Exchange Launches Social Bond Mechanism and Dedicated Board for Sustainable Bonds


In order to facilitate the development of sustainable finance in Taiwan, expand the scope of sustainable bonds and coordinate with the FSC in promoting the "Corporate Governance 3.0 - Sustainable Development Roadmap", “Capital Market Roadmap 2021-2023” as well as “Green Finance Action Plan 2.0”, Taipei Exchange launches social bond mechanism with reference to the Social Bond Principles of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). In addition, Taipei Exchange has integrated “Operational Directions for Sustainability bonds”, “Operational Directions for Green Bonds” and the social bond mechanism into the “Operational Directions for Sustainable Bonds” to establish a dedicated board for the Sustainable bonds.

Taipei Exchange pointed out that social bond mechanism is in line with the international market in terms of accreditation application, certification mechanism, information disclosure and related management practices. In contrast to the existing green bonds and sustainability bonds, social bonds differ only in the use of funds, as the funds raised from social bonds must be used for social investment projects. With regard to the establishment of sustainable bond board, the purpose is to construct a unified system and management model, which facilitate compliance by market participants and encourage the development of Taiwan sustainable bond market.

In conjunction with the launch of the dedicated sustainable bond board, Taipei Exchange has revamped the sustainable bond market website to provide investors more comprehensive and complete information. The website not only includes the development history of Taiwan sustainable bond market, sustainable bond issuance information, sustainable bond framework, sustainable bond assessment opinion and latest news, but also reveals relevant studies or analysis reports of sustainable bond for reference. Taipei Exchange looks forward to attracting more participants to Taiwan sustainable bond market.

At present, the outstanding amount of Taiwan sustainable bond market is TWD 203.2 billion, with 56 tranches. As the launch of the new sustainable bond mechanism and growing market interest of CSR and ESG issues, the growth of the domestic sustainable bond market is expected. For more details and the application documents, please refer to the “Sustainable Bond” segment on Taipei Exchange website.





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